Designing a glasses frame

I visited a thread and saw a dear designer’s work. He even sent his Rhino file that I downloaded and opened it. I noticed he used a sphere as his curvature surface base.

It was a lesson for me, but as I usually work with my method, I deleted all the surfaces that he made and kept the accurate sketch of the glasses.

I didn’t use a sphere but made the curvature surfaces with three separate single surface spans, and then did projection and other works. I don’t know, is it confirmed by the dear designer or not, but I just know his work would be more accurate and detailed than what I made.

This time I designed this model of glasses frame by myself completely, among its sketch.

Keep up the good work!

Spheres with a specific range of radii are an industry standard that’s why we use them while designing eyeglasses.

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Hello, master

I usually try to learn whatever attracts my mind ( mostly through visual review and exercise), and your post excited my interest, as well :slight_smile:

So you are the professional designer of glasses frames? Nice!

You pointed out that the glasses designers use a sphere as a standard base to create 3D models for extrusion. What about the glasses frames that have a flattened shape approximately?


Either completely flat or a sphere with a radius of 265.5mm. You then tilt the sphere in X and Y to get your desired curvature and angles.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much, master

It enlightened me wholly. Although here is not enough facilities for doing this work but it was a useful instruction for me