I try use “CurveSurfaceIntersection” to detect if the curve is on surface.

This line is outside the surface, and the command continues to return that the line is inside the surface ??

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Can you please provide a 3dm file that contains the geometry you display above, along with the source code that isn’t working for you?


– Dale

I am using the help example for test the intersection.

Example.3dm (26.6 KB) (1.4 KB)

I need check if the line “curve” go on surface.

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Run the UntrimAll command on your surface. Notice how the surface intersects the curve?

The CurveSurfaceIntersection method works in the untrimmed, underlying surface.

Does this help?

– Dale

Not really, if Untrim the surface the result is this:


So, the shape is destroy.

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Yes I understand.

CurveSurfaceIntersection works on the untrimmed portion of the surface.

If this not what you want, then use this CurveBrepIntersect function, which works on trimmed surfaces.

– Dale