SurfaceSurfaceIntersection - not in the list


I have just noticed that the SurfaceSurfaceIntersection is not implemented in Python yet but it is not even in the rhinoscripsyntax list. It is documented only under the surface method.


You can use rhinoscripsyntax.IntersectBreps(), the difference with SurfaceSurfaceIntersection would be that it takes surface trims into account.

Does this Help?

@dale the helpdocstring for rhinoscripsyntax.IntersectBreps() mentions the non existing SurfaceSurfaceIntersection method:

def IntersectBreps(brep1, brep2, tolerance=None):
    """Intersects a brep object with another brep object. Note, unlike the
    SurfaceSurfaceIntersection function this function works on trimmed surfaces.
      brep1 (guid): identifier of first brep object
      brep2 (guid): identifier of second brep object
      tolerance (number): Distance tolerance at segment midpoints. If omitted,
                  the current absolute tolerance is used.
      list(guid, ...): identifying the newly created intersection curve and point objects if successful.
      None: if not successful, or on error.
      import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs


Thanks ,

I just mentioned a documentation issue :slight_smile: for correction. Actually I am looking for something that trims the rest of the surface. I think it will be the TrimSurface and TrimBrep in python.

Hi @onrender, @Willem

I’ve logged a bug for the missing function.

When implemented, the wrapper function will end up calling Intersection.SurfaceSurface.

Thanks for bring this to our attention.

– Dale