Surface between two curves

Hi everyone,
I have curve group. As a first step, I divide these curves into certain distances. In the second step, I create a line perpendicular to the curve from these points. Finally, I create a surface from these curves. I’ll have to do these things one by one in the code I’ve created, and that’s a huge chunk of work. Is there a solution where I can do what I want in one go?
Thanks in advance. (7.3 KB)
Untitled.3dm (25.1 KB)

Hi @sahi

There are some solutions to do this depending on the inputs you have. One solution would be to use lists, adding inputs to the merge command to solve it at once. I have attached you the script. (8.7 KB)


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Thank you for your solution. But it looks like I’ll have to assign the curves one by one. I don’t want that because I have a lot of curves.

Here is another option:

I dont have access to V7 at the moment, so made this from scratch. You should be able to just reference your curves. (8.6 KB)

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you are amazing