Curve through points command does not snap to objects

In 5A527, the CurveThoughPt command will not Osnap.
In fact, I don’t succeed in placing any point to create a curve with this command.


Without an example file, I’m just guessing but here’s what comes to mind.

What osnap are you using?
Are you expecting the Point osnap to work on mesh vertex points? If so, that was V4. V5 has a vertex osnap.

Please post a small sample model that illustrates the problem if you can’t figure it out.

My mistake. I meant to use the InterpCrv command. I was used to picking the command from the icons pallet, and did not pay much attention to the command text. Now that the UI has changed to drop-down menu’s I picked the wrong one. The description sounded good though: “Curve Through Points”.
Just to check I set a number of Points and selected the CurveThroughPt command: works fine.

Sorry for the confusion.