Snap Crv Point to Projected Curve on Surface?

Doesn’t seem like it’s possible to snap a curve point to a position on a different curve that I’ve projected onto a surface. I’m moving the curve point by snapping to it first, then using End or Near snap to snap to the second (projected) curve. It doesn’t pick up on this. Nor does it work when I show the projected curve’s points, and try snapping to a curve point. It works only if I create a new point along the projected curve, then snap to that point. I think this is a bug - ?


fyi, I can snap a separate object to the projected curve - just not a point from an existing curve.

I tried this, works OK here. I projected a curve onto a sphere, then moved another curve to intersect with this, using the ‘near’ osnap on both curves. No problem.


Edit: I tried the same with control points, works ok as well.

Hmmm. I’m trying it again right now, and it’s not working for me. I’m trying to snap the end point of one curve, to the end point of a projected curve. Using ‘End’ snap together with Move cmd, I move the desired point over the end point of the projected curve in the perspective view, and it doesn’t snap. ‘Near’ snap also doesn’t work.

Snapping an entire object does work, as I previously stated.

Are you using the latest build?


I am using 5A814w, which is the latest afaik,
I copied your moves again, works for me! Weird…


btw: I am still using OSX 10.9.5, I have noticed that that could make a difference.

Yeah that is weird. I’m on OS X Yosemite 10.10.2