Curve segmented with intersection points to polyline


I’ve made a grid that is trimmed by an ellipse. Now I want to connect the intersection points (between the ellipse and the grid) to a closed polyline.

The problem is that whatever I try the result is not what I want. I tried shatter, move list and connect … but it’s either the same curve as the grid or the ellipse is not shattered correctly.

Any Ideas?

palicje-elipsoid (19.4 KB)

Please internalize your geometry (curves)?


You can use sort Along Curve
palicje-elipsoid (15.6 KB)

added the geometry

model2.3dm (2.6 MB)

In the file

model2.3dm (2.6 MB)

As @laurent_delrieu said, Sort Along Curve:

elipsoid (25.1 KB)

PLine is orange with this error/warning message - harmless:

  1. 1 zero length segment was collapsed to create a valid polyline

Hi Laurent,

thanks for the tip, however I get an error “Insufficient points for a polyline”

Also I previously tried with a similar method (sorting intersection points along the ellipse) and got the same error - there is no polyline

Hi Joseph,

thanks for the help. However it doesn’t works since the pline is the same as the grid - see picture (green lines)

I’ve tried something similar before but I always get a polyline in a grid shape

Maybe I don’t understand what you want. The PLine in the purple group shown above is an elliptical shape with straight line segments between the intersection points returned by CCX and passed through Crv CP. You can insert CullPt before AlongCrv to eliminate 16 duplicate points and so avoid the error message from PLine. The Pipe is only for emphasis. (28.1 KB)

Curves are internalized, no need for Rhino file.

This works! Thanks a lot!

You can use simple method

Hey Seghier,

thanks for the tip, it’s really simple and useful :slight_smile: