Connect intersection points with polylines from multiple curves


I have created a simple diamond structure from two set of points created with Divide Curve of an inner and outer curve, with a positive and negative value for a Shift List component.

I am trying to connect the outer points with the intersecting points and the inner points. However, I am having trouble sorting the list after using Multiple Curves intersection component. In other words, I am trying to create the shown lines on attached screenshot, but as polylines connecting every point.

The solution must be fully functional by only changing the value of the Shift List component from 0 to 3.

I have probably just missed an important detail, which is why I hope one of you might have relatively simple solution for it.

Thanks in advance! (4.3 KB)

Is this what you are after? (275.8 KB)

This is perfect! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Your solution is way more complicated than I would have thought, so I am quite glad I asked for help.