How to sort rejoindre point to polyline

how to sort rejoindre point to polyline
and the direction to center?

point to (44.7 KB)

like this? point to (47.6 KB)

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cool !!! Thank you for your reply, maybe there is a little problem with my method.
because I want to do the same effect as this picture, but now I may also need a different way281478c749530faeb7a083942265b18

like this …

Your first attempt: I think you are trying to deform the base form locally. I’ve adjusted your gh-file: a lot of unnecessary duplicate points were created, this way you avoid that. point to (30.3 KB)

Thank you very much !!! This is exactly what I want!

Hello, I would like to add curve interference to my previous solution to influence the morphology with randomly generated curves, but I can never connect to the last step, I hope you can help me, thank you very much!!!

2020-12-18 point to (39.1 KB)

2020-12-18 point to (53.7 KB)

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Thank you, what should I do if I need to use a small amount of thread with no regularity

That’s new and different fr your reference image.

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like this…I can control the lines

thank u very much !!! maybe i can use dispatch " true true false " :grinning: :smile: :joy:

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In R7, you could also use SubD features…

Bake and add some creases in rhino…


cooool !!! i will see that :smiley: