Curve|Plane Intersection missing intersections Bug?

I’m having an issue where in some cases where a curve loops itself in a very small loop the plane misses the intersection with the Curve | Plane component. I thought it might be a tolerance issue so I made a small c# using Intersection.CurvePlane and changed the tolerance both larger and smaller but no matter what I change I get the same results.

So you can see in this image the intersection is missed:

But if I make it just slightly larger it finds the intersection:

Any idea if this is infact a tolerance issue or some other bug with rhinocommon?
Here is the file with the curve example in question:
CurvePlane (5.1 KB)

Appears to me as a tol matter. See attached (use scale as well).

CurvePlane (122.7 KB)

Thanks Peter, I’ll have a look!

Well … V1 crashes on re-opening (and Rhino as well).

Why? THAT internalize thingy that ruins my days (I never internalize anything unless I forget not to do it).

Get the working combo.

CurvePlane Intersection_V1A.3dm (28.5 KB)
CurvePlane (117.6 KB)