Grasshopper Curve|Curve and Curve|Line not finding all intersections

I generated a bunch of planar closed curves and their in-plane bounding boxes. The planes are in different orientations. If I use Curve|Curve or Curve|Line to find the intersection points of the curves with their bounding boxes I get a handful of results. If I bake the curves and boxes, Rhino finds hundreds of intersections (every one possible in fact).

Why does Grasshopper miss so many intersections? Does it use different tolerance settings from Rhino? If so, is there a setting I can tweak to improve its result?


Got it to work with Curve|Curve by joining the boundary box lines into single curves and flattening both inputs to the component to get one to one comparisons. Not elegant, but tides me over until I can work out how to make it work unflattened.