{WIP} odd gh behavior: curve self-intersection


Self-intersect component is faulty on the current WIP.

Both offset and self-intersect play this on me often
(my fault, I know what WIP means but I like the WIP version and I use it).

When Rhino WIP updates, certain gh files go ‘nuts’ and computations get ‘ruined’.

Usually the issue ends up being an intersection or offset problem however.
Usually unpredictable because it was working ‘normally’ before a WIP update.

The problem (+ recurrence of) seems quite obvious.

I have planar curve pairs to make planar surfaces out of.

I extend, connect, and close these curve pairs,
sometimes causing a crossing of the now closed curve:

'piece of cake for ‘self-intersect’ '?

Rhino 7:

Rhino WIP:

Thanks again, here’s the boring file:
CX01.gh (74.9 KB)
Sorry it’s not an interesting problem


Hi @corellaman,

Thanks for reporting.


– Dale

Like Dale said thanks for reporting this. This should be fixed in the next WIP build. In the mean time the curve parameter values in the intersection event should be valid. You can use these values to compute the 3d intersection point.

Thank you @dale and @GregArden

I have reopened the file and tested it after installing the next WIP release.
the ccx component shows the proper output.