Curve piping defaults

Hi all,
Is there a way to change default values for curve piping? In our projects I’m using the tool for uncapped lowpoly 1mm hanging wires so it would be cool to change defaults somewhere.



Hi Jonas - curve piping is scriptable through -Properties Curvepiping so it should be possible to create a custom button or shortcut with your preferences.

Hello Wim
Thanks a bunch, that’s definitely the way!

Could you please help me out with the button creation? I’m struggling to make CapType=None work:

!-Properties Curvepiping On=Yes Radius=0.5 Segments=6 CapType=None

Thanks once again!


Hi Jonas - that macro seems to be working as intended here:

What’s the problem that you are running into?

in my case it keeps using default Dome caps. Well… Thanks a lot for helping me out, once again, it’s still an improvement and I’ve learnt something new.