Pipe no cap in Mac Rhino 7?

Hello I’m following a tutorial which is in Windows and the Pipe command offers No Cap. However, in Mac there appears to be no such option. My pipe is coming up with a cap at a jaunty angle which I don’t want. How do I get it to produce a pipe with no cap please? TIA Diane

Hello - please post a file with just the curve you are trying to pipe.


I’m so sorry I have no idea how to do that.

  1. Select the curve you want to use with Pipe.
  2. Export it to it’s own 3dm file.
  3. Use this tool to add it to a reply:

Got it thank you

Piped ring prong.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - the end of your curve has a control point askew near the end and that is causing your pipe to fold on itself - delete that point and you should be OK.


It worked. Thank you. More things learned!