Curve parameter attractor (non-linear division)

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Lately I’m trying to figure out how a list of points can be attracted by a curve as shown in the picture. I would like to have the points moving towards the curve but still following the path of the curve they are assigned to. I also want to have control of the min. and max. spacing. The current result doesn’t look gradual. Could someone point me in the right direction in order to solve this kind of problem? I did find the following post on this forum but unfortunately it doesn’t work for this particular problem.

Curve parameter attractor (non-linear division).gh (18.2 KB)

Curve parameter attractor (non-linear division) (21.3 KB)

It’s not totally clear how/why this works… maybe it is something near of what you need.

Hope it’s useful :sweat_smile:

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Perfect, exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you, much appreciated :slight_smile:!!