Curve network not working like I expected

Hi! I’m trying to model a platform signet with sharp edges, but the rectangle is curving around the edges when I create a curve network and I’m not sure why. The sides are also pretty lumpy. Is there any way I can get sharp edges on the sides of the ring, like this one: Evanescence | Urban Sterling

Here is the file:
Example.3dm (5.6 MB)

Although often used to model this type of ring, NetworkSrf is not the best approach.
To get a more decent result with this command, it is recommended to place at least 4 profile curves.

You will need to increase the tolerance settings to get a better approximated surface than yours, but this way leads to a complex surface structure.

In case your intent is just to get the general shape in one step before production, such a compromise should be ok.

Cap & Drill should do the job.

Example_Rev01.3dm (65.4 KB)

Rodolfo Santos

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That helped a lot! Thank you :slight_smile:

The surface created by NetworkSrf is alway smooth and never has kinks. If input curves have kinks the surface will be approximately located on the curves. In fact the surface may not be located exactly on any of the input curves. Setting the tolerances to smaller numerical values will reduce the maximum discrepancy between the input curves and the surface with the tradeoff of increasing complexity of the surface.

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