Increasing tolerance on curve network not tightening surface

I’m trying to create a curve network from this frame, but when it forms it’s quite rounded and loose. I’ve increased tolerances to 0.000001mm but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the surface. If anyone can help that would be great!

here is the file:
Example.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hello - if you are expecting networkSrf to find this sort of kink in the inputs with tighter tolerance,

it will not. Make two surfaces. NetworkSrf cannot make surfaces with kinks.


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Thank you for the reply, did you mean I should create two surfaces and then join them? Which two parts of the ring should I create individually?

In Rhino all untrimmed surfaces have four sides. One, two or three sides may be zero length. So look at your curves and decide how to arrange the surfaces so each surface has one, two, three or four non-zero length sides, and there are no kinks in an individual surface.

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That works! Thanks :slight_smile: