How to make a surface to close this under this condition

how to close this.3dm (1.1 MB)

haha still newbie -.-

Split the curve (Split with Point option).
EdgeSrf, NetworkSrf or Sweep2 (with Point option for curve, point at end of curves)
how to close this DC.3dm (1.1 MB)

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Hi Cliffonde - I think just a Loft, with Rebuild set in the loft dialog then a MatchSrf for curvature and ‘Preserve other end’ set to Position may be a decent way. You get one of those pinched-at-the-corners surfaces, which I do not love, but it looks OK.


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wow, its so sweet way T.T Mr.Pascal
before I have done with split in quad on that little pieces curve, than I have sweep2 get 2 surface at small part, + the big surface other, @@ not quite good right ? with Mr.Pascal’s way i got 1 surface at all, sweet <3 way, thanks Mr.Pascal

What I did was use extendSrf to extend the surface a bit past the boundary curves then split off the extension with splitsrf (split by isocurve) and then trimmed that with the boundary curves. Then point edited the last 2 rows of control points to bring the edge to within tolerance of the boundary curve.

how toX.3dm (975.6 KB)

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