Generate Curved Box


Is there a command like Pipe for boxing a curve?

Hi @lukasreiter1w3

Just set “Segments” to 4 under curve piping and choose “Faceted” (just below segments). That’ll give you an extruded square instead of a pipe. Only problem is that you can’t control the twist,and it defaults to 45 deg. Maybe that could be made a wish? (or maybe @pascal or someone else who might be able to tell you if there’s a work-around?).
HTH, Jakob

I don’t have a better idea - you can Pipe the lines and then ChangeDegree to 1 in V. Same problem as above though - no control over the orientation. I think @Helvetosaur may have a magic script for this, maybe?


Yep… (6.5 KB) (7.3 KB) (5.8 KB) (8.2 KB)