How to efficiently draw curves?

Hi, I am having a hard time in drawing curves, and I am certain that it is super easy to do what I am trying to do here (drawing the curve for a rounded square or squared circle if you prefer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but for the sake of me, I just can’t find the proper way to do it. I tried playing with the rebuild feature, and moving points, but I just can’t get to a perfect result and I was wondering if someone could give me a hint/tip on how to do it? Or have any tutorial that would be great in learning to efficiently draw curves of all sort?

Hello - those look like arcs, making a rounded square, and then small fillets on the corners.



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Thank you.

I don’t know why I haven’t though about it. When I rarely use a command, I just forget about it, or sometime we just don’t think about the many uses of a single command. Hope my newbie question will benefits other begginer! :+1:

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Thank you! Another way to do it :slight_smile: