Curve Editor Question

Wondering why when I view an animation in the Curve Editor and it is set to ease in and ease out, the animation line looks straight and not curved? Also is it possible to adjust the curve with a control point?

Excellent question! I am trying to do the same thing and not seeing where this is possible.

If you’re familiar with After Effects, it lets you pull the ‘handles’ off of any keyframe and manually adjust the curve. I am finding the numerical settings much less intuitive. Below is a screen capture to illustrate.

In order to make editable handles appear in the CurveEditor you need to change the Tweening settings (for the concerning keyframe) in the Keyframe Editor to ‘Custom’.
In order to get the Custom option available for Position animation, you need to disable 3D Tweening for that object. This can be done in the Bongo Animation Manager by right clicking the object and unchecking “3D Tweening Enabled”.


Great news and thank you! I will try this out soon and report back if there are any problems.


You don’t mention what value Ease-in and Ease-Out is set! With a value greater than zero, I sure get a bent curve.