Ease in/out camera path


I have been using Bongo 2.0 for an animation, and I am having trouble to ease in and out the camera path. Unlike the object keyframes, view keyframes don’t have the option to use custom tweening in the keyframe editor and curve editor. What are my options to achieve the same result?


Are you running the latest version of Bongo 2.0 ? Here with me Custom tweening sure is available, also for view keyframes.

You can also have a look at my video http://bongo.rhino3d.com/video/how-to-get-automatic-easing-work-for-you. The auto-easing trick works fine for view animation to.

On your first screenshot (about a the view animation) everything seems OK to me for the use of Custom tweening – even when you are using camera or target constraints.
The second screenshot though is apparently about a point object being “moved”. Rotation and scaling are always tweened component-wise (X, Y and Z treated as separate data). Position however can be tweened either component-wise or with so called “3-D tweening”, whereby 3-D tweening is the default. Because it involves a complex combination of path formation and travel speed ‘step’ and ‘custon tweening’ isn’t applicable.
The object on you screenshot is 3-D tweened. You can alter the setting in Bongo’s Object Properties.

Unchecking the box will extend the tweening-type list in the KeyframeEditor.

Maybe you didn’t fully unfold the CurveEditor’s tree down to ‘Camera To Path’ (or whatever constraint you are applying)?
Zooming in on the start/endpoint also may be required to reveal the handlebar(s).


I can’t get this to work with the named views wizard.

5 year’s later !!!

Take a peek at http://bongo.rhino3d.com/page/animating-named-views

Hey Luc,

Thanks for your response. The link you sent me doesn’t have any additional information on how one might use the curve editor to ease in and out of the view keyframes generated by the BongoNamedViewsWizard. After I run the wizard and open the keyframe editor, the tweening options are all greyed out.

Sorry Neno, I misinterpreted your phrase. Now I see you were questioning about the Wizard and Tweening.

Indeed AnimatedView’s basic tweening (which is similar to the Objects 3D tweening) cannot be tweaked.
And I don’t see a workaround.