Curve-Curve Intersection Algorithm

Hi all,

Is there information about the curve-curve intersection algorithm used in Rhino. In particular, is Rhino using an algorithm described in the scientific literature? If so, does anyone have the corresponding reference?



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Hi Rad,

We generally don’t divulge the inner workings of Rhino.

Can you tell me why this information is important to you? Is there a problem you are trying to solve?


– Dale

i am currently reading a book about nurbs “An Introduction to NURBS With Historical Perspective” from David F. Rogers. its a bit older its less mathematical than most others i have paged through and which he also claims himself, still containing plenty. not that i read any up to now but it seems a good start.

coincidentally i find myself at page 22 now and it says that parametric intersections may be difficult to locate if traced parametrically. he writes generally that in some cases explicit and implicit methods can be useful.
probably not very useful for you but thats all i have for now.

if there is any kind of reference towards rhino in literature i also would be interested.
that does not mean i want to devour the inner workings of Rhino @dale :wink:

Hi @dale,

This is important to me because I would like to use the built-in curve-curve intersection alg. as part of a larger framework about which I intend to publish. The use of a black-box algorithm is not ideal in this case because a) it makes my results harder to reproduce and b) I have no idea what the complexity of this particular intersection algorithm is. I understand the secrecy around topics like this and there are algorithms described in the scientific literature that I could implement myself but the Rhino alg. works quite well and using it would help advancing my research significantly.




@RichardZ: thank for the reference, I’ll take a look at it!