Libraries for Custom CurveCurve Intersection in C++

I’m looking to write a new implementation of curve curve intersection method in C++. What libraries would I need to include in order to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @db368,

If you are writing a C++ plug-in, using the Rhino C/C++ SDK, then you can just use ON_Curve::IntersectCurve. See opennurbs_curve.h, included with the SDK, for details.

Does this help?

– Dale

Thanks for the help, but this isn’t what I was looking for.

My initial post was unclear, I just started writing C++ for rhino, and I want to try and write a function that detects if two curves intersect each other. My main point of confusion has been whether or not I would need to involve both the rhino SDK and Open Nurbs, or just one or the other. I know that an implementation already exists in the Rhino SDK, but I want to see if I can do it myself.

Thanks for the response.