Curve | Curve Component do not give all intersections

Hi Everyone,
I am new in Grasshopper and I can’t understand the problem.
I have two surfaces (Building facades) and panels are automatically created if all of one panel’s vertices are on the building facade surface.
Now I need to make sure that the perimeter lines of the panels do not cross the perimeters line of the building (in this example it is happening due to the large panel size and small window size).
Somehow, I only get result for panels on the right (see 1). I tried many different data tree structures, as I am not sure how the curve-curve component works.
In a second step, I decided to test it only on the left facade (see 2) and I don’t get any point. However, points exist and when I use ‘surfaceBoundaries’ straight on the left façade surface, I get results (however not exactly what I want).
I attached the files to make it clearer.

Thank you for any help! I feel like I’m really missing something out there.
Thank you !

Alice (14.2 KB)
Curve curve problem.3dm (109.4 KB)

Where did things get so complicated?
This is testing each building curve against each panel curve, thus resulting in all intersections.
You could optimize it if you had a better data structure on your panels (grouping them per building). (16.0 KB)

PS: internalize your data so you don’t have to attach an extra 3dm file.

Dear Amir,
Great thank you very much for your help! :smiley:
Somehow I did get veeeery lost trying to fix that.