Curve-Curve Intersection Vertex Missing

Hello everyone,

I am trying to panelize a quite organic surface with 1m x 1.65m panels. I made a set of transverse curves, 1m apart from one other and some longitudinal curves, 1.65m apart. Both sets of curves are on the surface that I created, so I intersected them to get all the vertexes in order to create the 1x1.65 panels. However, it seems that some of the vertexes are missing. I attached an image below with the problem.

I thought that maybe the curves do not intersect after all, so I projected the lines on the surface and used the curve-curve intersection tool again. This time it was even worse, more of the vertexes were missing.

I attached the rhino and grasshopper file if you want to take a look. I included a remap tool that was necessary to define the shape of the surface, so I attached also that. I appreciate any suggestion you can give me!!! Thank you in advace :slight_smile:

Remap .ghuser (5.3 KB) (47.6 KB)
17102018_Panelizing.3dm (25.3 KB)

Do this.

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Thank you very much! It worked!

I have one more question. Do you also know a way on how to divide the base surface into separate panels, now that I have the vertex cloud? I would like to have several panels which include smaller panels in the same panel (see the image below). The big panel would be glass and the smaller ones solar cells which are integrated in the glass.

I tried a few methods but it did not work. It seems to be more difficult than I thought… I`m thankful for any sort of suggestion you can give me.

17102018_Panelizing.3dm (25.3 KB) (63.2 KB)
Remap .ghuser (5.3 KB)