Curve Attractor to Tweened Curves + Gradient (Pufferfish)


I am trying to put a curve attractor on shapes that have been placed upon perpendicular planes on curves tweened in Pufferfish. The curve attractor seems to work until trying to remap them. When put into a remap they all have the same distance.

Also when having the curve attractor attached to scaling, it seems like its not possible to loft with the unscaled rectangles

Is it possible to solve this?

Best regards

Philip (35.7 KB) Tween_graft.3dm (79.0 KB) (26.0 KB)

The Remap+ Cluseter only works with flatten list:


Thank you so much! This solves it, really appreciate the help!

Hi, sorry, but may I ask one more set of advice.
I try to connect the geometry to a gradient, it works excellently with two curves that have been connected to the Rule Surface node, However I aim to make this an oval shape, so i need it to loft through 3 curves, the middle curve being the one connected to the scale parameters.

When I try to connect the lofted geometry to a gradient it does not seem to work like the ruled surface. Is there a way to get the same gradient effect but on a shape which has a multitude of lofted curves?
Best regards (47.1 KB) curveattractors_10.3dm (220.1 KB)

You need to use TrimTree like this: (32.1 KB)

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Thank you so much!