Curvature Analysis

I stumbled upon the curvature analysis tool in rhino accidentally, which is something that I want to add to my presentation and I was wondering if there is a way to actually export the result (the colors)? or is it just a visual thing?

if its just the visual outcome you can use ViewCaptureToFile, set the background to transparent and export as png, then you have a single layer of color already nicely cut out.

Hi @skat ,
You can _ExtractAnalysisMesh then you get a mesh with the analysis colors on vertices. You’ll have to switch to Rendered to see the colors.


and how do you get the texture or the vertex colors out of rhino? i did not manage (at least in rhino5)

Export to .ply supports vertex colors for example.
Also I think there are scripts to bake the vertex colors to textures…

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ok that works, unfortunately opening this in a different app is a bit of a challenge, i managed with meshlab but exporting this to get it working in a different app is again some major crack down.

interesting would be if the Curvature Analysis could be visible as a colored mesh instead of vertices.
what is ExtractAnalysisMesh usually used for?

To generate a permanent mesh with false color info from Curvature Analysis and Draft Angle Analysis. It can also be used to check the analysis mesh. Note: The Analysis Meshes are different from Render Meshes.

P.S. I think Rhino’s .ply implementation is pretty good. If other apps having difficulties with vertex colors then it is probably not Rhino’s fault.

Agree, PLY or even VRML/WRL is pretty neat usually in Rhino.

Would you recommend tools/strategy from Turn 3D scan texture to 2D pattern for printing sticker or on vinyl wrap for the baking of vertx colours to textures?

Sorry, I don’t know these tools. Someone else may tell…
I made something with vbScript decades ago… but that’s outdated

To be fair, I guess Blender will do a job here.