Save curvature analysis as texture for .obj

I used the curvature analysis tool on a surface. I’d like to export the surface mesh as a .obj with the generated color curvature analysis as an associated texture so that I may use the .obj in Blender with the curvature analysis. When I use the Export function, I check the box for “Save textures.” However, I can not find a .png, .jpg, etc. of the curvature map.
Can I export the curvature map as a texture?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @mneedle,

No, there is no texture involved. The curvature colors you see are assigned as mesh vertex colors to the analysis mesh which is built from the Nurbs surface. To get a mesh with these vertex colors, first run the _CurvatureAnalysis command on your surface and adjust the range as you like, then use the _ExtractAnalysisMesh command which will give you the mesh which you can export to blender.

Note that not all file formats support mesh vertex colors. I would suggest to use *.ply format.



Thanks for the quick response, clement!

Thanks! No idea that one existed! (think I tried and failed with extractrendermesh in the past).

Might have to look into creating a custom version with black to white as opposed to a colour range, to create a curvature map for materials.