Curvature Analysis Graphic

Hi I’m wondering if I’m missing something here with the appearance of the curvature analysis in Rhino 7. If I draw an interpolated curve with for example 14 points and look at the curvature analysis, it looks like this

Which is what I expect, and was used to with Rhino 5. However if I rebuild that curve to the same number of points the curvature analysis appearance changes to a series of blocks, like the image below

Maybe this is a new ‘Feature’ of Rhino 7 but personally I find it far more difficult to interpret and work with than the old way.
Is there by any chance a system variable that can be changed in the settings or am I stuck with it? I rebuild a lot of curves from laser scans and it’s driving me potty.



Hi Phil - you rebuilt the second curve to degree 2, the first one to degree 3.


Thanks Pascal I hoped that it was something as simple as that. Thank goodness for this forum.