Can't get CurvatureGraph to show anything

What am I missing?

I tried various values. I tried reading the documentation. Seems to me it should just work?

curvature-graph.3dm (21.8 KB)

The curve is a line and has curvature 0?
Just a guess.

So I had a look into the file. It is not a line obviously and I get the following curvature comb:

I noticed that you have 999 as Display scale, which is usually limited to 200 (wenn you use the little arrows to increase the number, after 200 it switches back to 100).
Putting in a number greater than 200 seems to mess with the whole curvature analysis: it just doesn’t show any graph anymore until you restart Rhino.
This definitely seems to be a bug imho.
@pascal might file this?

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Thanks, for looking!

The default value was set to 100, so I tried different values (999 in the screenshot) because no matter what I did, nothing showed up for me…

BUT, I now see that I incremented mine too much when I tried. 100 shows nothing, and then typing 500 jumps the value back to 100 again. Manually typing 129, like you did, does make the graph finally show up!

How about a “auto scale” feature? A real-time slider you can drag would also have eliminated this problem. (Guess that’s going to be a Rhino 8 thing earliest, though.)

EDIT: Also, why is the difference between scale 120 and 129 MASSIVE?