Curvature analysis for Sub-D


Just want to ask if curvature analysis is implemented for sub-d, because it is not working.

Thanks, this need is filed as, I added your post.

Thanks Brian,

Is this a bug or you just added it to the list.
I haven’t been using the WIP so I really don’t know if it was implemented.

It’s a bug or lack of feature support, whichever you choose :slight_smile: It’s scheduled for a point release in v7 at the moment. Emap and Zebra and DraftAngleAnalysis work on SubD though if that’s helpful. I’m not sure why CurvatureAnalysis is a special case.

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Thanks, zebra is good enough for now.


One more thing, could be related.

In Curvature analysis and the zebra when I click to adjust the mesh and I click to get simplified controls the window just closes.

Thanks again, I filed this as , I believe it may be related to something else I filed regarding the inability to use custom render mesh properties on SubD. The mesh it uses is pretty dense already though and you can check it out with ExtractRenderMesh and then ReduceMesh on that if you wanted to analyze a coarser version.

Note that while ExtractRenderMesh gives you the dense mesh the SubD uses for display, ExtractControlPolygon gives you the SubD’s low poly cage if needed.

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