Curvature analysis includes SubD not working?

Hi all,

I tried to evaluate the curvature of a SubD model and no matter what settings I change in the curvature dialogue I cannot get it to show any colors?

Is it broken? Or not implemented until next week?



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Hi Gustavo,

This one is filed asā€¦ can you use Zebra or Emap instead?

Hi Brian, yes those work. But I need to evaluate change in curvature across the model to derive the rate/depth of some features for casting. I really need a curvature graph.

For now Iā€™m doing a conversion to nurbs.


Okay, I added your vote to the request as well. Thanks

BTW, I think Zebra is mostly a vanity tool in this case. I much rather analyze curvature, especially in SubDs when the need to check for continuity across patches is non-existing. The really need is checking for perfectly G2 bumpy shit :rofl:


Subd modeling could be very effective for metal drawing but we need to be able to evaluate curvature and radius as well.