Curtain wall

the curtain wall Does not open it in the wall Automatically

Hi Jon,
VisualARQ curtain walls can’t be inserted into walls and generating an opening automatically as windows or doors do, (or like in Revit). We can consider this option in future versions but would you still use a curtain wall if you had the same curtain wall settings on Window objects?

i can not to do door in the window ) Because of that i need to curtain wall

All right, I add your vote for this feature.


thank you )

I use curtain wall for all widows in Revit both for doors within window arrangements but also simplicity.
Most windows I do are just fixed glass, but I don’t want to think about tool switching (or worse; remodelling) when switching from windows to windows with doors…

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All rigth, so +1 vote for inserting curtain walls into walls!


Yup, thanks @fsalla

Important , please

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