Curtain wall sliding?

Hello everyone,

Since I’m new to VisualARQ I have a feeling I’m missing somewhat…

The thing is that I’ve builded a curtain wall. Started looking for options to make it sliding curtain wall and didn’t found. Any suggestions?

Hello @Devonha,

What do you mean by sliding curtain wall? If what you need is a sliding glass door, you should create it as a door styles instead of as a curtain wall.

Take a look to this style, it might be something similar to what you need. You can import this style like this.

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yes, this is the idea. Furthermore, is it possible to compose it (sliding glass door) together with the curtain wall that I’ve already placed?

Unfortunately, you can’t use curtain wall tool for doors or windows. Functionality of most VA tools are very limited. Curtain walls are usually placed together with doors and windows like yours. VA developers should enhance curtain wall tool to make this possible, but I don’t think they will.
If your curtain walls are simple, you can use element tool to mix curtain walls and door through GH style. You can’t create curtainwall style through GH at the moment.




Seems like a good option. Anyway, I don’t understand how to import this plugin to Rhino. Format of this file is unusual (.vat) and is specified for VisualArq.

@Devonha You can import the VisualARQ styles available in food4Rhino (.val files) with the vaStylesImport command, or from the VisualARQ menu > Styles > Import…