Cursor not switching to user text value field by pressing tab


The cursor won’t jump from the key field to the value field by pressing ‘Tab’ when creating a new entry.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. select an object
  2. go to ‘Attribute User Text’ panel
  3. insert a new User Text ([+] icon)
  4. type the key field
  5. press ‘Tab’ >> the cursor won’t move to the ‘value’ field. You have to manually click on the value field.

Expected result:
The cursor should move to the value field right after pressing ‘Tab’ for easy typing.
It seems to work great when the user text already exists:

  • double-click on the key field + edit it
  • press ‘Tab’
  • the value field get highlighted and is directly modifiable.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello- That one is fixed in V7 at least, I see it behaves differently in V6. I’ll get it on the pile for 6, thanks.

RH-59641 Tab fails in setting a user text