Current Section Tools for Rhino 5

Hi everybody,

Where can I download Section Tools for Rhino 5?
I downloaded the Rhino 5 rhi from Food4Rhino but it just installs to Rhino 7
Then I tried unpacking the rhi but the rhp wont load in Rhino 5.

Is there a current Rhino 5 version?

Thanx Tobias

Hi Tobias - scroll the page here:


Hi Pascal,
That’s exactly what I tried. But it doesn’t work…

greetins, Tobias

Hm … @rajaa - any idea?

SectionTools is only available with the latest released version. I was supposed to be pulled out. I’ll remove from Food4Rhino

Hmmm… I don’t get it tbh. Why would you do that? Forcing people to upgrade? That would be kinda weak imho… and unnecessary.

I can understand that you won’t update the plugin for Rhino 5, but why not providing the last working version?

Cheers, Tobias

Tobias, this is how it always have been with SectionTools.

Which is still no reason why it should be or stay like that…

Hi @tobias I added the download link to SectionTools for Rhino 5 from the SectionTools Wiki page.
It might be too late for what you needed though, but I thought I let you know.