Cumulative Dimensioning / Text fit right or left above arrow not to side

Hi, this is my first topic on the forums so I apologize for any incorrect formatting or not following best practices.

I need to dimension a wall’s framing cumulatively so that all the dimensions are measured from the same origin point. Ideally using a “continuous” string of dimensions with each dimension’s text aligned above the right arrow like manually done so here:

I was able to get to this with dimension styles, showing only the right arrow and starting each dimension at the origin just overlapping them. But with text fit set to “right” they are pushed off to the side, overlapping the next dimension line.

Is there anyway I can modify this dimension style or the way textfit:right works so that the dimension text is placed right above the right arrow instead.

Or if someone can think of an easier solution to this additive dimensioning problem let me know.

Thank you.

Hi Garret,
Can you share a small file with us with a few of these dimensions?

There may be a way to get to it. But I want your file.
If I can not get what you are wanting here, I will write up a bug or feature request.

Mary Ann Fugier

Dimension_Text Fit_Question.3dm (667.9 KB)

Thank you for responding Mary!
I’ve made a little demo here. Also including a dream scenario where the dimension text doesn’t overlap.

Again thank you so much!

Hi Garrett,

Have you considered using ordinate dimensions ( _DimOrdinate )?

They can be a bit pernickety, particularly if you allow a control point on the leader to sit on top of another and you don’t have the same degree of control in the annotation style as with other dimensions, but with experimentation and practice could give you what you want. Where you see offsets to avoid overlaps, these are not automatic. Best tips I can give you are: a) avoid model scaling and b) watch the command line prompts carefully while placing your dimensions.

Hopefully McNeel will give them some love one day and they will become easier to use.


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for the response and opening me up to ordinate dimensions. I had no idea this feature existed. I can make it work with these.

That said it would be great to have more deep control/customization of both these dims and the regular ones. I’m still looking for a phython solution or possibly a grasshopper solution too.

Thanks Jeremy!