Cullpts using proximity results in points still too close. Cull Twice?

I have a large quantity of identical objects to be hung from a ceiling. Each object has a mounting feature (like a electrical box) which has a larger footprint than the object. Therefore the objects mounted in space (3D space) must not be too close on the ceiling (2D space)

I used 3dpopulate, then I flattened them all onto a plane, and tried to use cullpt, then cullindex.
But the results are some locations are still too close. Do I have to cull again and again until it works?

How do I keep only points which will have the correct spacing in 2D?


Proximity (14.7 KB)

You didn’t internalize your ‘Design Volume’.

Your want to use List Item instead of Cull Index.

Proximity (15.2 KB)

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Consider this instead?

  • It sorts the faces of your ‘Design Volume’ by Z to find the ceiling and projects the Pop3D points to that.

  • It adds a ‘Min Length’ slider to ignore short wires (points too close to the ceiling).

  • Then it uses Cull Duplicate Points as before.

  • It adds a ‘Seed’ slider (integer 0 to 300) to try different random patterns.

Proximity (14.5 KB)

Thanks for expounding. The design volume that I forgot to internalize is already set to a Z distance below the actual hang point, so we have that figured out.

Right now, I’m still finding distances between these locations in 2D which are closer than the 4" we want.
So I either have to figure out why the expression is not working automatically, OR I need to find the closest distance between any of the points and increase my tolerance by hand until the points are above 4".

Did your replace Cull Index with List Item?

Unless you post your latest with geometry internalized, I can’t follow you.

Thanks for checking, I did use List item, and It worked, I realized I was doing some morphing after this operation, and I switched around my operations and it started to work. Thanks for your help