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Hello Forum.
I’m trying to cull points from a selection of points on a surface:
1- points that are too close to the outer perimeter (with a preselected distance using a slider).
2- Adjacent points which are too close (with a preselected distance using a slider).
I know this process involved the ‘Closest point(s)’ and ‘Cull’, but I’ve yet to succeed in creating a solution.
Can someone help please?
Kind regards,
Jason (11.0 KB) (12.5 KB)

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@HS_Kim HS_ Thank you :wink:

@HS_Kim -
Can I ask you a further question regarding your earlier solution please?
I’m trying to cull the circles out the triangle shape.
I was also trying to work out why the points are attached to the side of the triangle.
Can you help again?
Jason (17.6 KB) (13.0 KB)


Outstanding @HS_Kim
Thank you [again].

Hello there @HS_Kim,
I’m reaching out again to you :wink:
I have a design amendment I’m exploring with this GH design. Could you assist again?
I’m attempting to gain more control of the Kaleidoscope pattern…but cull the points out the polygon and inside a circle.
Could you look into the attempt I’ve made please? I’m trying to cut the points at all the edge of the polygon ‘slices’.
The ‘Closest point to curve’ is a great commend, but it’s difficult to learn )-;
Jason (18.0 KB)