Cull pattern

Heyy im having a lot of trouble trying to cull some faces out of my facade, and I was wondering if somebody could help me out? I had some points and I projected the closest ones to my geometry facade panels, and what i’m trying to do is to cull the panels that are closest to the new projected points, but I really can’t understand what logic should I use to get there:( On the first picture i show my individual panels and on the second one the points that I projected into them.

Cull pattern (7.3 MB)

you need to add a condition like this…

Not sure this will work for you (might need some flattening? i didn’t check) but it depends on a condition where you can cull or not the list given depending on a distance of each member in the list.

based on a very not thorough examination, it looks like you have 20236 geometries, most of which share the very same center of mass point (tolerance 0,0001)

I’ll use the 1697 unique panels, not their copies, otherwise the PC will just melt :slight_smile:

this takes your pulled points, delete their duplicates (from 3159 pulled points to 99 unique pulled points, the rest are just duplicates) and deletes all the geometries that are distant 2 units or less from each pulled point (you can set the slider to any number: the higher you set the more surfaces will be culled)

blue = geometries that will be deleted
green = surfaces that survive the culling

Cull pattern (7.3 MB)