Culling lines that do not intersect with each other

Hello people, I am having a problem with a relatively simple workflow. What I am trying is to use pufferfish to morph 4 lines into twisted boxes (Image 1 and 2). Later, I am piping them with multi-pipe and will continue from there.

The problem I am having is with culling the lines. I am trying to cull the lines that are sticking out which do not intersect with another line(image 3) and I am trying to achieve a geometry similar to image 4.

What I have tried is, culling the lines that have endpoints outside of the main shape. This works to some extent but it also culls some extra lines.

The second method I have tried was to find the closest twisted boxes for each of the twisted boxes, morph the lines into these boxes and sort the intersections. Even though I thought this would work, I could not wrap my head around the data management on this one and got stuck on morphing the lines.

I am attaching the GH file. Let me know if it was clear or if I need to explain more. (30.6 KB)

I couldn’t look at your file since I do not work with Pufferfish.

However, a simple way to eliminate the lines which have one “naked” end is to cull all duplicate points and then sift the lines which contain one of these “naked” ends. (15.5 KB)

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