Ctrl+Shift Face selection bug?


It seems like it is not possible to Ctrl+Shift click select a face of a polysurface that is part of a group. I always get the whole group selected. For polysurfaces not part of a group Ctrl+Shift face selection works as expected.

Is there a setting to change this, is it intentional or is it a bug.

If it is intentional, I would suggest to change it to not select the group, but the face. This is how I would have expected it to work. How could I otherwise select a face from grouped polysurfaces (I know move face, but I am working a lot with the Gumball).

Cheers, S

Sub-object selection through Groups is working fine for me.;
What service release of V5 are you running?

Hi Silvano- if you hit a wire or edge and not out in the middle of a shaded face, does it give you the expected selection?


Version 5 SR8 64-bit, I just saw that there is a newer build available. Btw. I have Enable Updates and Usage statistics enabled, still the Updates and Statistics dialogue reports This Rhino is up to date, last checked 08/11/2014. Update frequency Service Release.

When I click on check now, in the web browser I see: new build available from http://files.mcneel.com/dujour/exe/20140609/rh50Release_x64_en-us_5.9.40609.20145.msi.

So, somehow the check for updates seems not to work.

Yes, hitting a wire or edge gives me the expected selection, just the middle of the face does not.

Yeah- that is by design- users were unable to cleanly select top level objects in a group so top level objects are preferred when grouped. The marriage of in-group and sub-object selection is not 100 % happy…