CTRL+SHIFT Select Face wouldn't work on Polysurface

Is there something that I would miss our? Is this a bug or are there some polysurfaces where I can’t select this way. Would work on simple Polysurfaces anyway.

Thank you for your help!

I see, the command won’t work on groups. @pascal is there any plan to update this option on groups too?

Hmm not sure I would like that. I occasionally use this to move one object in a group without having to ungroup.

It’s about specific selection of one side or face of a complex group as here a kitchen design and kind of Shaping the overall design. It’s tedious not fluent to ungroup regroup all the time. It’s shift ctrl select which is working this way on all objects except groups

Hi @hannesgrebin - If you click on an isocurve of a polysurface face you should get the selection menu pop-up prompting you to select between the polysurface face or the polysurface in the group.

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@Vanessa I never work with isocurves, it’s too distracting, is there an option to have this feature in the next updates for surfaces without isoparms as well.

Thank you!


@hannesgrebin - What about ctrl+shift and window selecting (left to right) the face you want? This should also work…