Ctrl Shift sub select in group but goes too far selecting a facet of a bolt not the entire bolt

I have a bolt and its hole grouped, I need to select the bolt, hold ctrl shift and click and end up with a facet of the head !
How does one just select the bolt as a whole ?


Shift + Ctrl and select works fine here in Rhino 5.

If the bolt and hole were ungrouped what kind of object would the bolt be as shown in properties? Would it be a closed polysurface? An open polysurface? Would the individual faces and surfaces of the bolt be separate objects, ie: unjoined?

Grouping the pieces of what is supposed to be a single object is not the same as joining them. Once the pieces of the bolt are joined then it may be grouped with the hole if desired.

Or am I making an incorrect assumption about what is going on?

Bolt was a closed poly all surfaces joined and watertight. a circle sat around the thread denoting the hole it needed with tolerance. Selected bolt then circle and grouped it.

ctrl shift to get at the bolt saw a facet of the bolt head selected only.


Normally you get the multi-selection box when there is more than one possibility such as the whole part in a group or a sub-object of that part. Of course, many refinements/improvements to this process to this have been added since V5.

This is reproducible in Rhino 5.14.522.8390, 22/05/2017. Most of the time the sub-selection dialogue offering a choice of selections from the items under the pointer pops up, but sometimes it doesn’t and you are given the face or edge directly.

Best I can suggest is keep trying and the correct behaviour should emerge. Clicking on something unrelated or changing the view slightly might help - it might be that lines or planes nearly parallel to the view plane are particularly susceptible, but this is by no means certain.

(This works OK in R7. Hope the new PC is not too far off so you can use the upgrade.)