CTRL+Shift click, subtract?

CTRL+Shift click for sub selections is the best. But I have yet to find a way to subtract from CTRL+Shift click for sub selections. So if something goes wrong I just have to start over.

Please tell me there is a way to subtract ?

Just Ctrl+Shift+Click again on the selected subobject and it will deselect.

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Now i feel stupid!

But thank you!

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Oh wait, I just remembered what my real problem is!!!

Ctrl+Shift window selection, not individual clicking. Is there a way to Ctrl+Shift subtract with a window/rectangular selection???

Yes, that is a limitation, there is no window deselection of subobjects. One workaround is to use the SelectionFilter and set it to subobjects. Then selecting with Shift to add and Ctrl to subtract works like with normal objects. You can make aliases or keyboard shortcuts to toggle the Selection Filter on or off with various settings to work a bit faster.

Thanks for the reply…Damn, I was afraid that was the answer.

Oh, ill try that. Sounds good.

Thanks again!