How To - unselect from subobjects

I am using CTRL + Shift to select subobjects, which keys do I press to un-select from the selection ?


I think it is control only

Selecting sub-objects is a toggle. To deselect a sub-object that is already selected, ctrl+shift+click on it again. Attention, this does not work on extrusion objects (bug).


I generally hold my left mouse down with CTRl + Shift whilst dragging a rectangle over the sub-objects I need to select. But his does not work whilst un-selecting.

Clicking to un-select could take a while with some of the sub-objects selected.

Any thoughts,

Hi, If you want sub object selection more like the Rhino v4 method of sub-object selection try this toggle:
I still think v4 had the best balance of sub object select/unselect but this toggle at least allows for both methods.
Try it out…
Michael VS