Ctrl+Left Click = rotate view?

I’m trying to follow a youtube tutorial (Novedge Webinar #43: Rhino v5 Overview Featuring the Gumball Manipulator) and there, at minute five it is said that I need to press Ctrl+LClick to create an extrusion. The problem that I have is that for me the same mouse combination it is producing a “Rotate view” command for both the Ctrl+LClick and Ctrl+RClick and I don’t know how to change the settings to have the extrude command with the Ctrl+LClick shortcut. Also I want to change the behaviour of the right mouse button but can’t find any option to do so.

Also will be great to change somehow the behaviour of the middle mouse button when pressing a modifier key like Shift or Alt, because right now it is showing only the popup menu even if I press any modifier key before.

Hi Macuso - on the mac, Gumball-extrude by holding down the cmd key before finising the gumball-drag operation. Any luck?


Yes, just figured out. First drag the arrow of the gumball and after that press the Cmd key.

Macuso, this video may be useful - https://vimeo.com/82431575

Thank you. I seen that video a few times.

I think that my problem can be from the 3D Space Navigator which I installed recently.

Please can somebody confirm which is the normal behaviour of the Ctrl, Alt and Shift + Left Click and all possible combinations?

For me it is like this: Ctrl+LClick = rotate, Ctrl+Alt+LClick = Zoom, Ctrl+Shift+LClick = Pan. The same applies to the RClick. It is this the intended behaviour? I need this to be only for the RClick and use the LClick for actual working, selecting, etc.

Maybe some more options to configure the mouse behaviour in RhinoMAC preferences will solve all this issues.

on Mac (and not just Rhino for Mac), Control+Left Click is the same as Right-Click… this probably goes back to the days of Apple pushing a one button mouse.

so in the keyboard combos you’ve shown, everywhere you’ve written Contol+Left Click are exact substitutes for simple Right-Click

Yes, but now we have TWO mouse buttons and maybe we can find a little bit of room in the options to make a check-box for how needs to behave the LeftClick. Thank you.

[quote=“Macuso, post:7, topic:45715, full:true”]

Yes, but now we have TWO mouse buttons[/quote]
or more… i personally use a 7 button mouse with rhino on my desktop.

what do you want to be able to do? i think you’d have a much better chance at getting a feature implemented in a program if you can describe a way in which the desired behavior is advantageous over an existing behavior… and even then, you’ll need some luck on your side :wink:
but just saying “it should do something” or “i don’t like it” or similar isn’t going to go very far (imo).

fwiw, there are currently functions tied to those keys while using left-mouse button…

  • when dragging (left-click and hold an object -> drag), pressing the cmmd key will drag the object or point vertically.

  • also when dragging, tapping the option key will create a duplicate object

  • during applicable commands, holding the option key will suppress oSnaps…

  • during applicable commands, holding the shift key will temporarily toggle Ortho mode.

  • holding option key prior to window selecting will allow you to window select while the cursor is over an object (preventing dragging)

  • cmmd key is used for elevator mode

  • cmmd left-click is deselect an object

  • shift left-click is for adding to a selection.

probably some others i’m not thinking of at the moment.

those all are modifier keys to be used in conjunction with the left-mouse button… to me, it’s overloaded as is and i really don’t think even more UI controls should be tied to those three keys… making them customizable (again, in my opinion) is going to lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion with little to no benefit otherwise (but again, you haven’t actually described the improved behavior so maybe i’ll change my mind upon hearing it).

re: the control key… i think Apple leaves the behavior as is for trackpad users and possibly other input devices… as well as it just being legacy behavior.

Ok. I will write down your list for future reference.

Just figured out that actually I need to use Cmd+Shift+LM to do a sub-component select. It is a little bit confusing because the tutorials I found on Youtube are describing as Ctrl+Shift+LM.

yeah, it can be confusing.

generally-- if you see ‘ctrl’, it’s talking about Windows and the mac equivalent is ‘command’ (or ⌘… or cmmd…some people still call it apple key)

so pretty much anytime you see something like CTRL-S… that means CMMD-S on Mac.

Mac’s Control key is usually written ‘control’ instead of ctrl in order to avoid confusion