Crvseam different with multiple curve selection

I’m having a problem setting the direction of these polylines to export to a CNC.

I select the polylines, then CrvSeam. This is what I have on my screen:

I press Escape. I just select one polyline and CrvSeam. This is what I get. Not a huge problem, I guess its essentially the same start point and direction, but a little confusing because the arrow is pointing in a different direction. I escape out.

I select all the polylines again and CrvSeam. Notice now how the direction has changed, as well as the start point on that second rectangle.

It seems to me that CrvSeam does an attempt at Automatic adjusting the curves, even though I haven’t specified the Automatic option. If I choose automatic, it changes again.

So at the moment my workaround is to do each polyline individually, which takes a long time, especially since a lot of them are already in the correct direction, so if I could just select them all and Crvseam I could quickly see which ones are in the wrong direction and just flip those ones.

I could use Dir, but its a tiny bit confusing with all the arrows. Also, with Dir I can’t change the start location.

Is there another tool I’m not aware of that I could use, or am I going about this the wrong way?


Hi Gavin- choose the ‘Natural’ option to see the current state of each curve. In my opinion, Natural should be the default, and not Automatic, but I gave up on that years ago- I will ask again if that can be changed.


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Thanks, thats a huge help/

I will just create an alias to choose natural.