Crv2View generating no results?

I’m working on rendering a pair of shoes to be 3d printed. I’ve created the curves for the sole, but when I apply the “Curve From 2 Views” command I get no results. I split the horizontal curve to see if that would help and was able to get half of the curve to generate the correct results, but no matter what I try I still get nothing from the other half. The strange thing is it’s not giving me any errors, just nothing happens. Any ideas what I I should be looking for to correct this issue?

Did you start the command, then press F1 to get to the Help article, and watch the little video snippet?

I have watched the help video, although given the simplicity of this particular tool there’s not much to it.

Hi Jessica - just export the curves to a new file and post them here- we’ll take a look.


Here you go…ShoeCurves.3dm (51.4 KB)

Hi Jessica - for some reason (I’m still poking at it) the complex curve is not a valid curve (Check command). Select it, Explode and Join again - that sorts it out. My guess is there is a very short segment someplace.


That did it - thanks so much!

Hi Jessica - zoom in really close on the points of the zig-zags - some of these have very very small loops.

That is not in itself making the curve invalid but you might want to clean up. Try:

Explode, deselect all, SelShortCrv > .01, and then Delete. Then Join what’s left.


I just saw your latest message. I was able to get the curves to reshape and loft the surface of my sole, no problems. I’m now trying to Sweep 2 Rails around the heel and I’m having the same problem - one side works, but not the other. Could the small loops be the issue? (Although, it’s now the opposite side that’s causing the issue. Of course.)

ShoeSweep.3dm (311.8 KB)

Hmm yeah… I think I’d back up a few steps here - the surface object has some self-intersections all along the ziggy part - I’d make a clean surface across here and trim to the vertical surfaces rather than try to define the surface from the ‘un-clean’ edges. I’ll see if I can make an example.


I was able to get it to work eventually. I regenerated the curves off of the surface, exploded and rejoined them and it finally came together. Phew!